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10 february 2015

Busy winter at Remontowa Shiprepair Yard

Remontowa Shiprepair Yard S.A., member of Remontowa Holding generally enjoying a steady and good repairs and conversions workload throughout the year, has had record ship numbers filling the shipyard's quays and floating docks this winter.

For several days around mid January 2015 there were as many as 21 vessels and a large offshore unit (semi-sub platform reconstructed as a floating production facility) and two of some of the world's largest self-discharging bulk carriers (Yeoman Bridge and Yeoman Bontrup) being serviced at the yard. There were also advanced specialised ships present, such as a large diving support and subsea construction vessel Seven Atlantic. Furthermore, over a third of the total number of nearly two dozen ships staying at Remontowa at the same time were ferries.

It does not happen very often to see as many as eight ferries at one time at one repair yard. This was the case for several days around mid January at Remontowa S.A. after Skania had arrived on January 12 and before Baltivia left on January 16. For some more time there have been seven ferries present at Remontowa simultaneously.

So, for some time in January the following ferries were berthed or docked at Remontowa simultaneously: Baltivia (PŻB), Skania (Unity Line), SuperSpeed 1 (Color Line), Crown Seaways (DFDS Seaways), Sirena Seaways (DFDS Seaways), Bretagne (Brittany Ferries), Finnstar (Finnlines), Prins Richard (Scandlines).

Most of the above mentioned eight ferries came to Remontowa for general repairs, docking and maintenance, but some have also been undergoing scrubber systems retrofitting. Scrubbers were being retrofitted on SuperSpeed 1, Prins Richard, Crown Seaways, Sirena Seaways and Finnstar during their recent stay at Remontowa.

Recently, along with seven other ferries, Prins Richard was staying at Remontowa. The vessel is one of the four double-ended passenger and freight ferries operated by the German-Danish ferry company, Scandlines with scrubber system installed at our yard.  The four ships being retrofitted are the Deutschland (at Remontowa a few months ago), Prins Richard (recently serviced at Remontowa), Prinsesse Benedikte (to visit Remontowa soon) and Schleswig-Holstein, which all operate the short-distance route between Puttgarden, Germany, and Rødby, Denmark.

Such a significant number of ferries flocking to Remontowa came as no surprise for the yard, obviously, and the yard was prepared in advance, for example in the scope of scrubbers system related prefabrication with construction of structures required to be installed in connection with scrubber systems installation ready before the ship comes to yard.
Before extremely busy January, among others, also Finnmaid was seen at the turn of November and December.
At the period of time, when eight ferries were being serviced at the yard, Remontowa was still awaiting further ones to accommodate, with the most prominent job being Stena Germanica expected at the end of January for installation of methanol fuel system, already widely publicized.

It is understood, that among the most imminent arrivals will be the Finnlady, coming also for scrubber installation, but this will obviously not be the only ferry to be serviced at Remontowa in a few months to come.