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11 march 2021

Innovative hybrid ferries for Norway

In February 2021, Remontowa Shipbuilding SA, of the Remontowa Holding Group, handed over the fourth in a series of battery-powered hybrid electric ferries, the Fodnes (B619/4), to Norwegian shipowner Norled.

Festøya, Solavågen, Mannheller and Fodnes are modern double-ended battery-powered hybrid ferries designed to minimise energy consumption.

The ferries are equipped with LED lighting, energy-efficient ventilation and air conditioning systems and a paint coating on the underwater part of the hull to minimise friction, among other features. Their features include a lightweight vessel design and a specially developed hull shape for reduced resistance in water.

Their propulsion is an innovative Diesel Electric Hybrid system. In normal operation, all the power required is taken from two battery packs installed on board, recharged from the onshore grid when the ferry is at berth.

The design of the ferries was developed by LMG Marin, while the workshop drawings was prepared by Remontowa Marine Design & Consulting of the Remontowa Holding group. Other companies in the Group were also involved in the ferries’ construction, including Remontowa Electrical Solutions, Remontowa Hydroster Systems, Remontowa Coating & Equipment and Remontowa Lighting Technologies.

Three of the four modern ferries, despite the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in place, were completed and handed over to the Shipowner in 2020, with the fourth one arriving in Norway in February 2021. The new ferries from Remontowa Shipbuilding operate the Festøya - Solavågen and Mannheller - Fodnes fjord routes.