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20 january 2016

Safe Bristolia again at Remontowa SA

On January 16, 2015, the FPF-1 floating production facility built on a modified, bare hull, and just nearing completion, was joined at Remontowa SA by another semi-submersible offshore unit. On that day, the accommodation platform Safe Bristolia arrived, towed from Scotland, after experiencing some rough, winter weather in the North Sea.

The Safe Bristolia arrived for general repairs, including 5 year class renewal, maintenance and protective coatings application works, works inside tanks and some other tasks.

During 23 and 24 January, a successful docking of Safe Bristolia, weighing some 10 000 ton, was carried out onboard Remontowa SA owned submersible heavy-lift barge Rem Lift 25 000.

Safe Bristolia is the 12th of various platforms to be hosted at Remontowa SA to date. Two of the dozen, including the Safe Bristolia, have been returning to Remontowa. Thus the current refurbishment of the rig is the 14th Remontowa’s contract for servicing of a mobile offshore unit. The undocking of the platform has been expected in the first half of April, to be followed by tow-out several days afterwards.

The Safe Bristolia has already been staying at Remontowa previously. It was hosted since  October 2010 until May 2011, when Remontowa SA performed repairs according to wide-ranging specification and upgrade of the unit.

Not only the Safe Bristolia itself is returning to Remontowa SA for its quality and competitive services, but her Owners, Prosafe as well. The company, which is the world’s leading owner and operator of semi-submersible accommodation vessels, has already brought several such units to Remontowa SA for repairs or modifications and upgrades.