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22 july 2021

Polish President visited the shipyards of Remontowa Holding group

President Andrzej Duda paid a visit to the shipyards of the Polish Remontowa Holding group on 1 July 2021.

First he boarded a vessel SG-111 of the Polish Border Guard Maritime Regional Unit. Accompanied by Adam Ruszkowski, the CEO of Remontowa Holding SA, he saw Remontowa Shiprepair Yard operating on Ostrów Island, including the repair of the world's largest offshore wind farm installation vessel Orion I. He also met with the shipyard's and holding company's board, managerial staff and shipyard workers.

Then he went to Remontowa Shipbuilding, which builds modern mine countermeasures vessels of the 258 Kormoran II type for the Polish Navy. He greeted the shipyard's management and employees, and then boarded the ORP Albatros minehunter under construction at the shipyard. He also saw the ORP Mewa ship moored next to it, which is in the final stage of construction.

The President made a statement to a large gathering of employees and media. 

- I am delighted that I was able to visit Remontowa Holding in Gdańsk, the group of shipyards which repair and build ships, thus representing the Republic of Poland on a global scale. I do not hesitate to say so, because I was in the part where ships are repaired and modernised. In the docks there are ships from all over the world - said Andrzej Duda adding: - I look with pride at the Polish shipbuilding industry represented here, which is developing splendidly, because it must be clearly stated that this is its best part!

- The team of Remontowa Shipbuilding has already proved that it is able to build minehunters. The ships are built here, entirely according to world-class technologies - emphasised the head of the Polish armed forces.

As he added, currently Remontowa Shipbuilding is part of a consortium which, together with the Polish Armament Group, is preparing to implement the program code-named Miecznik, i.e. the construction of three frigates for the Polish Navy.

- This is a huge undertaking which is of great importance for the modernisation of the Polish armed forces, said the President, noting that after what he had seen here he was convinced that the shipyard was able to cope with the programme.